Fired for eating chocolate, former Jovem Pan anchor speaks for the 1st time

Mariana Fanti was one of the main presenters of Jovem Pan News until the beginning of the month. An experienced professional, with stints in several communication vehicles, she was fired in the first week of the year, during a day of fury by Antônio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho, known as Tutinha. In an exclusive conversation with the report of Pop TV, the journalist opened the game and spoke for the first time about her departure from the news channel. “I was fired about ten minutes before going on air,” he lamented.

“On January 4, I was called by the Editor-in-Chief, who was accompanied by a Human Resources representative from the company, and informed that I was being fired because of the chocolate incident, which happened on December 23. In this conversation, I asked if there was another reason that had contributed to my dismissal, and I was informed that there was nothing that discredited my work”, says the presenter, who ran the morning edition of Headline News and Top of The Hour of lunch time.

The episode reported by Mariana Fanti happened during the broadcast of Jornal da Manhã 2nd Edition: the news, which is not even broadcast on television, airs only on radio and on the digital channels of Jovem Pan News, and has a precarious technical structure. And, precisely because of a technical failure, the presenter did not know she was live when she decided to try to eat part of a chocolate bar — she claims that her only alternative was to follow the news on a digital platform, which was broadcasting the content with a delay. .

“As soon as I finished that day’s Jornal da Manhã, I looked for the Editor-in-Chief and the Journalism Director. I explained that I had no video feedback, guiding me through my cell phone, as I followed the live broadcast of the news – that’s why my head was down on the video that is circulating. I didn’t realize that the broadcast had a few seconds of delay. The broadcaster and I were on a blind flight,” said the journalist, who explained why she decided to eat at the Jovem Pan studios.

“On that day I had also led the first edition of Jornal da Manhã, which starts at 6 am. It had been on the air for many hours without interruption. I felt weak, dizzy, and ate a piece of chocolate for a boost of energy. I didn’t know it was on the air. I realized only a few seconds later, when I looked back at my phone, and saw my own image eating. That’s when I realized that the image I was following was delayed and that the camera was open on me. I reported what happened and the superiors were understanding, as they knew we were on the end-of-year scale”, said the presenter.

Questioned by Pop TV about the countless technical failures of the news channel, Mariana Fanti also spoke about the station’s operational difficulties. “Sometimes it was really noticeable to those who followed the programming that we had to hand, live, due to technical failures. Sometimes, with some skill, we managed to disguise it, but at other times it wasn’t possible—like calling a reporter and another one coming in. At all times, we are guided by an entire operation that works behind the scenes. And often those who watch do not have this knowledge. In these moments, unfortunately, whoever gets the worst is the one who has his face in front of the cameras”, he pointed out.

“Eventually, we were informed about how Ibope had behaved. I don’t remember being reprimanded by the indices, because we knew that due to the proximity of the channel’s debut, the audience was still adapting to the programming. That is, there was not enough time to treat the ratings as consolidated. And, luckily, I received many messages from my former colleagues in a tone of surprise and support after my dismissal”, continued the journalist, who also vented about how she felt to become a character in one of the first news involving layoffs on Brazilian television this year. year.

“I never imagined myself involved in a situation like this. At first I preferred to withdraw to try to understand what was happening and digest the dismissal. It is very hard for you to fight and strive for so many years to achieve the dream of a lifetime, even more so in a competitive environment like ours. [o Jornalismo], and suddenly see everything fall apart. As for plans for the future, mine is as soon as possible to return to work in the area I’ve always loved, which is television journalism. Although I have not yet received any invitation to return to the so-called mainstream media, I prefer to believe in the seeds I planted during so many years of journalism, and trust that the best is yet to come”, concluded Mariana Fanti.

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