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When you think you’ve seen it all on the internet, new news comes along and sometimes it impacts us and sometimes it makes us laugh, however, there is always something that can worry us.

In the city of Baghpat, India, for example, a baby was kidnapped by a pack of monkeys and disappeared. The curious fact soon worried family members and the neighborhood.

The baby, just two months old, was sleeping with his grandmother in a room of their house, when he was taken by a pack of monkeys that entered the place after noticing an open door. According to Metro, Keshav Kumar was taken by the animals on the 9th of this month.

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According to the family, the baby and his grandmother were sleeping in one of the rooms of the house when the pack of monkeys entered through the door of the residence, which was open. According to the family, this was not the first time the animals had tried to take the child, but they did not believe they would try to kidnap the child during the night.

After the family discovered that the child was not in the house, they contacted the police and, together, carried out searches. Unfortunately, the baby’s body was found in a water tank, lifeless.

Prince and Komal, Kumar’s parents, said they were deeply sorry for the loss of their son. “We didn’t expect them to come back in the dark… We lost our son.”

Police obtained footage of the animals jumping over the wall of the house taking the baby. They reported that “Kumar was in the arms of one of the monkeys”.

Neighbors reported that it was only a matter of time before something serious happened in the region. Problems with herds of monkeys were previously reported, but the authorities did not take a position on what happened.

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