Government of RS issues Alert for Porto Alegre and 11 more Covid regions

Governor Eduardo Leite announced, this Wednesday afternoon, that 12 of the 21 Covid-19 regions in the state will receive the Alert, based on the indicators of the 3As Monitoring System. They are: Porto Alegre, Santa Maria, Uruguaiana, Capão da Canoa, Novo Hamburgo, Canoas, Santa Rosa, Erechim, Passo Fundo, Pelotas, Caxias do Sul and Lajeado.

The decision came after a meeting with the Crisis Cabinet held today on the situation of the pandemic in the State, in which the data on the contamination of the coronavirus have increased daily. This Wednesday, Rio Grande do Sul recorded 21,122 new cases, according to the State Health Department (SES).

Per two consecutive weeks, Piratini issued the Notice to all Covid regions in the state. According to Leite, these 12 regions showed not only an increase in daily cases of coronavirus, but also an increase in the occupancy of clinical and intensive care beds due to the disease. “It’s still a very careful situation. We’re all tired,” he said.

Regions will now have to come up with an action plan to contain the spread of the virus. According to the governor, from the Alert the regions must present some kind of solution, such as “restriction of some type of activity” and “reduction of the possibility of agglomeration”. “We don’t want to get to the point of (adopting) more drastic measures, as we have done in other circumstances,” he stressed.

Even with the dizzying growth of confirmed diagnoses for the coronavirus, Leite ruled out adopting restrictive measures. “We do not intend to make any restrictions on economic activities,” he said. He also appealed to the population to collaborate in preventing the virus. “Don’t act as if the pandemic is over. For part of the population it can be lighter, because of vaccination, but for others, it can be lethal”, he warned.

Clinical and ICU beds

The governor admits that the “moment is delicate and deserves full attention”, but assesses that the occupation of clinical and ICU beds in the state does not follow the increase in cases due to the ômicron variant. “There is clearly a very large spread of the virus”, he highlights. completed.

At the same time that he issued an alert for the 12 Covid regions, the governor highlights a new battlefront: the maintenance of the cost of clinical and ICU beds, by the Ministry of Health, intended for patients with the disease. “The Ministry stated that it will stop funding this as of February”, he emphasizes. “We work so that there is no closure, we will work not to close 1,057 Covid-19 beds”, he adds.

Leite says that one possibility is the qualification of 315 ICU beds in ‘normal condition of funding’, with funding of R$ 600 from the Ministry of Health. of Covid-19″.

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