Grêmio agrees to renew Ferreira’s contract until the end of 2024

The attacking midfielder Ferreira will remain at Grêmio. Today (19), the gaucho club and the attacking midfielder agreed to renew their contract. The deal expands the bond of shirt 11, yields a salary increase and an increase in the value of the termination fine. In addition, it removes the possibility of an attack by Flamengo on the player, who probed the athlete’s situation last week due to the imminent departure of Michael.

At the age of 24, Ferreira signed a new contract until the end of 2024. The previous contract ran until December 2023, and Grêmio worried about the release penalty of 8 million euros.

The agreement between Grêmio and Ferreira advanced on Friday of last week. Today, in Porto Alegre, a final meeting sealed the renewal. The salary increase was an old topic at the negotiating table between player and club.

In the eyes of Grêmio, Ferreira will play a key role throughout Serie B. In addition to being possible future sale, even at an age outside the standard of big business.

Still in 2021, Grêmio had started negotiations to expand the contract and increase Ferreira’s salary. Soon after the Campeonato Gaúcho, the negotiations reached an agreement with maturities close to R$ 500 thousand. The team’s crisis, which ended with relegation, and the player’s injury stopped everything. After the turn of the year, the subject came up again. The board sewed a contract with a lower monthly salary.

In 2021, Atlanta United even sent an email to Grêmio informing that it would exercise the option to buy Ferreira. Felipão, at the time coach of the gaucho club, got angry and revealed the player’s absence in training. In the end, the MLS club chose to invest in Luis Araújo and shirt 11 remained in Porto Alegre.

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