Horizon Forbidden West has new screenshots released

On the morning of this Wednesday (19), Sony released a beautiful trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, a game scheduled to arrive on February 18 for PS4 and PS5. With that, the Japanese company also took the opportunity to reveal a series of screenshots, which praise the beauty of Aloy and other characters.

There are six images, which include gigantic machines, the protagonist riding alongside her ally Varl, as well as a mysterious character. Check out the gallery below:

According to a PlayStation Blog post, fans will meet several well-known figures from Horizon Zero Dawn in the Forbidden West. In addition to the aforementioned Varl, Erend and Sylens will also appear in the game. Zo, Alva and Kotallo will be other allies of the protagonist.

In gameplay, players can look forward to interesting mechanics. For example, there will be how to create missions to seek specific resources for equipment mounts. Not only that, but machines not seen in the predecessor title will appear in the sequel — one of which is an acid-spitting snake.

Horizon Forbidden West pre-orders

If you want to secure a copy of Horizon Forbidden West on your shelf, the game’s physical media is up for pre-order. The special version of PS5 is already sold out in Brazilian retailers, but the PS4 is still available for reservation. Get your copy, with a beautiful steelbook, here!

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