Minister vetoes Slater’s entry into Australia without vaccine: “You know the rules” | surfing

After the soap opera involving tennis player Novak Djokovic, Australia’s Sports Minister warned surfer Kelly Slater: “there is no chance of entering the country” to compete on the World Tour if the hendechampion does not get the vaccine against Covid-19.

The country will host the tour in April with the stages of Bells Beach and Margaret River. The WSL has already signaled that, while it itself does not require immunization, athletes could face significant barriers to competition if they choose not to be vaccinated.

Kelly Slater, Mexico, August 2021 — Photo: Getty Images

Slater’s only chance of getting an Australian visa without getting vaccinated would be by applying for a medical exception, but actually proving that he has a contraindication to not taking the immunizer.

– I think he knows the rules. It doesn’t matter if you’re a surfer, a tennis player, a tourist or anyone else, these are the rules. They are applicable to everyone – said Richard Colbeck, in an interview with the website “The Age”.

Slater supported Djokovic after the Serbian tennis player had his visa canceled and was deported from Australia for not having been vaccinated against Covid-19. On her social media, she posted:

– Perhaps ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ can now change its name to ‘Melbourne Syndrome’**. It is sad to see this celebrated division by the vaccinated “virtuous”. If you’re vaccinated why are you worried about the status of others… unless, of course, it doesn’t protect you? Or are you afraid of catching it or upset that you had to take the risk of vaccination yourself? So much brainwashing and hatred in people’s hearts regardless of vaccination status.

Kelly Slater’s post in support of Novak Djokovic — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Slater has made several controversial statements since the beginning of the pandemic. He even said that Covid was a disease of “the elderly and obese” and that he understood more about “being healthy than 99% of doctors”.

**Stockholm syndrome is a psychological disorder in which a victim of kidnapping or abuse empathizes with the criminal.

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