Moro admits negotiating alliance with 3 parties and denies migrating to União Brasil: ‘There’s nothing concrete’

Former judge and presidential candidate Sérgio Moro (Podemos) stated this Wednesday, 19, that the party has been talking with other parties to form an alliance in the electoral race. According to him, the idea is to promote the “joint construction” of a project for the country for the 2022 elections. Moro mentioned União Brasil, Cidadania and Novo.

“If a party can come (to form an alliance), great. Otherwise, if we have support from other parties (in an eventual government), as has happened with (members of) Novo, Cidadania and União Brasil, we will be able to build a project together”, said Moro, in an interview with Jovem Pan radio. Maringá.

According to him, the idea is that these agreements help compose the governing base if elected. “I think that [conversas com outros partidos] it is fundamental. We also need to think ahead in a country that needs to have alliances within Congress, alliances based on projects, principles and values ​​that we have to carry out”, he said.

Unlike União Brasil, Novo and Cidadania already have pre-candidates launched for the presidential race, respectively. Felipe d’Ávila and the senator Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship-SE). In an initiative in defense of the former judge, by the way, he filed a complaint against Minister Bruno Dantas, of the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU), and the Deputy Attorney General at the Court, Lucas Furtado, for alleged abuse of authority against Moro. The court investigates the ex-judge’s breach of contract with the American consultancy Alvarez & Marsal.


Also this morning, in another interview, this time given to Rádio Difusora de Nortelândia-MT, Moro was asked about his possible migration to União Brasil, which is born from the merger between DEM and PSL, which is already being processed by the Superior Electoral Court. “There’s nothing concrete. I’m in Podemos”, he declared. The topic came up after a report in the newspaper The globe disclose that the party chaired by the deputy Renata Abreu (Podemos-SP) could shelter the ex-judge in exchange for casting the leader as vice.

According to an Ipespe survey released last Friday, 14, Moro follows in third place in the dispute, with 9% of the votes. In the lead, the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (EN) appears with 44%, followed by Jair Bolsonaro (PL) with 24%.

Since he announced his pre-candidacy, Moro has tried to occupy the space of the so-called third way, breaking the polarization between Lula and Bolsonaro. His candidacy as a third way has attracted the attention of a group very close to Jair Bolsonaro: the military. For this group, the ex-judge is almost unanimous for having put Lula behind bars and for symbolizing the ideas of the Republic’s salvationism and the fight against corruption, subjects that accompany most of the political manifestations of the military since the creation of the Republic.

Changes in We

This Tuesday, 18, the now former president of Podemos do Paraná, Cesar Silvestri Filho, left the post of top leader of the party in the state to join the PSDB. The change takes place with the promise that he will be the toucan pre-candidate for the government of Paraná in October, guaranteeing a platform in the State for the PSDB’s pre-candidate for the Planalto, João Doria.

For Moro, Silvestri’s departure does not mean a possible weakening of Podemos. “His departure is regrettable, but I think we have to respect it. These leadership constructions within the parties are normal. Podemos is strong. It is not this fact of yesterday that weakens the party”, he said in an interview with Rádio Difusora.

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