Nathan talks about motivation upon arriving at the Flu and ‘delivering’ a new tricolor reinforcement: “He comes to help”


Player was introduced and gave a press conference this Wednesday (19), at CT Carlos Castilho

Photo: Mailson Santana/Fluminense
Photo: Mailson Santana/Fluminense

Midfielder Nathan is one of the most pompous reinforcements for the 2022 season at Fluminense. After leaving Atlético-MG, the player will compete in the Copa Libertadores with the shirt of the Rio de Janeiro club. In a press conference, the athlete highlighted that the cast has been showing a lot of determination in the first days of work under the command of experienced coach Abel Braga.

“When I received the opportunity to come here, I saw the group that was being formed and having had a successful year last year, I know that the group has to be very united, very focused. And I see that on a daily basis. , a lot of work, a lot of dedication. A lot of ambition from the players and that shows the strength of our group. I look forward to seeing this team in action.”

The player did not choose a position, warning that he can play in more than one sector on the pitch. “At Galo I played in several roles last year. I don’t have much preference, no. I like being on the field. Both playing inside, as a steering wheel or winger. I came to play as a centre-forward. I want to be on the field and helping the group”, commented.

Nathan also talked about bringing the victorious baggage of the titles he won in 2021 at Atlético-MG. “The project, the group that was being formed, that they introduced me to. As I had a successful year last year, I arrive here with great ambition. And I’m sure that, with the players that were already here, with the ones that are coming, we will definitely fight for titles”.

And finally, ‘delivered’ the signing of experienced goalkeeper Fábio, who has not yet been announced officially. “About him coming, I found him in the hallway, I joked if he was the one who came to the press conference instead of me. But he said it was me (laughs). The weather here is very good and I’m sure he comes to help”, concluded.

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