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Arcrebiano de Araújo, known as Bil, countered Naiara Azevedo’s position on Marília Mendonça (1995-2021). The runner-up of A Fazenda 13 was the security queen of suffering and said that, during this period, he did not see the BBB22 participant close to the singer: “I never saw her together”.

“In this artistic environment, I never saw Naiara together, close to her [Marília]. It was just the three of them, Maiara, Maraisa and Marília Mendonça. For now, I’m just watching, because I don’t know what her strategy will be. [Naiara], had some attitudes that I didn’t like at the moment. It was just a day of BBB, let’s see what will happen”, said Araújo this Tuesday (18).

In an interview with SBT’s Fofocalizando, the veteran of the 2021 reality shows recalled the period with the country girl: “I worked with Marília for a year, at the beginning of her career, she was already quite blown away. I spent a year with her, and then I went with Maiara and Maraisa. It’s very intense”.

“I stayed with Marília 24 hours a day, wherever she went, I went with her. She was a wonderful person, as everyone knows. And she’s the same person, fame hasn’t gone to her head, at all. I will take a lot to my life, because it was part of my work trajectory”, added the ex-BBB.

Naiara was accused of being opportunistic by a portion of BBB22 fans after comments about Marília. The sister left a musical partnership with the queen of suffering to be released during the period in confinement. However, Marília’s family did not authorize the release, and João Gustavo, Marília’s brother, was outraged when he realized that the artist would use the reality show to promote this work.

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