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Jessilane Alves vented to Lucas Bissoli after being rejected by colleagues from the Pipoca group to compete in the first test of the BBB 22. In the early hours of this Thursday (20), the teacher assumed that she did not intend to form a duo with Eslôvenia Marques, but she had no option have been overlooked by the other competitors. “Nobody chose me”, lamented the sister.

While other participants were in the outside area of ​​the house, Jessi talked to her brother and assumed she was quite upset about the situation.

“I felt very much like this: nobody wants me. There was Natália [Deodato] on one side and Laís [Caldas] from the other. at the time [o Tadeu Schmidt] said ‘make pairs’, I looked at Natália and she did [um gesto] so for vini [Fernandes], I looked at Laís, she did like this [um gesto] to Barbara [Heck]. I looked at you, you were already together. Then I looked at Eslô,” she recalled.

Lucas then explained that he had already agreed to form his duo with Luciano Estevan to compete in the activities of Globo’s reality show. “Did you ever talk about it with anyone?” asked the medical student.

“With no one. Eslô, as much as we talk, joke and everything else, I’m closer to other people than to her. plaquinha”, replied the teacher, referring to the fact that she had already been ignored in another dynamic of the game.

“In a way, we didn’t choose each other. Nobody chose her and nobody chose me. And then we went [fazer a prova]”, completed the confined.

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