Palmeiras: Abel Ferreira lists quartet to receive promotion after Copinha for Palmeiras

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Decision was taken after contacting the football department, with joint approval on the young people of Verdão

Photo: Fabio Menotti/SEP - Endrick is the highlight of Palmeiras in Copinha.
Photo: Fabio Menotti/SEP – Endrick is the highlight of Palmeiras in Copinha.

THE palm trees has been performing well in this participation in the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Jr, seeking an unprecedented title and proving the great work that has been carried out in the basic categories. The team led by Abel Ferreira received some reinforcements in this transfer window, but some spots are still open.

As a result, after meetings with the football board of Verdão, the coach has selected some youngsters who should be promoted to train with the professional squad as soon as they finish participating in the competition. This Wednesday (19), the Palmeiras boys face Oeste, at Arena Barueri, at 19:00, for the quarterfinals.

Along these lines, club sources revealed to “LANCE!” what, in addition to Endrick, an absolute highlight at just 15 years old, right-back Gustavo Garcia, midfielder Jhonatan and striker Giovani should be part of the main group for the season. Following what had already been implemented with other promises, the quartet will carry out their daily work routine, but even so, they will be available to play in grassroots competitions.

The number 9, which is being desired by Flamengo, Barcelona and other Europeans, owns 167 goals in 172 games and his lineup in the Palmeiras first team is requested by fans on social media, precisely due to the fact that the board has not been succeeding in the market’s onslaughts when it comes to a center forward.

The directors have already had the approval of FIFA to register the top scorer in the World Cup, but he should only debut, in fact, in July, when he will turn 16 and will be able to sign a professional contract with the club. Currently, 27 players are listed in the professional squad, but the Portuguese’s idea is to have 30 athletes in his squad to face the marathon of matches.

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