Pezzolano endorses and Cruzeiro projects the fate of two athletes from the squad; deadline for resolution has been set


On a day of resolutions, Cruzeiro is close according to the striker and plans what to do with the defender

Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro
Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

In times of revamping its squad and preparing to face the challenging 2022 season, Cruzeiro continues in its movement to settle situations of players who belong to its squad. This Wednesday (19), important steps were taken in this direction and the future of athletes who are not in the plans, begin to find ways.

Striker Airton pulls the queue of cases that need to be resolved. The player played for Ceará last season and is linked to Toca da Raposa until 2023. The athlete did not have much space in the Northeast team and returned to Clube Celeste, where he trains separately from the Raposa group. Cruzeiro holds 50% of its economic rights.

Airton did not present himself with the squad, the direction of Zeiro and the striker’s staff plan to define the player’s future by the end of the week. Another athlete who also needs a definition is defender Gustavo Rissi. The defender has just returned from Austin Bold, in the United States, where he was on loan. His contract was reactivated with Cruzeiro through the BID, however, it should not be used in the Celeste team.

Finally, two terminations announced earlier in the week were confirmed. The side Alan Ruschel and the striker Laércio, both officially no longer play for Raposa, as the club has filed the documentation to end their ties.

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