Robinho, ultimately convicted, ends his career

Without playing for almost two years, forward Robinho, who will be 38 years old on January 25, was awaiting a final decision from the justice of Italy to define his future in football. He had already advanced to friends that if the conviction for rape that weighed on him was confirmed, he would never return to acting as a professional.

Robinho, convicted in Italy, leaves football through the back door and at risk of being arrested

Robinho, convicted in Italy, leaves football through the back door and at risk of being arrested

Photo: Jota Erre/Photo Premium / Gazeta Press

Therefore, the former player for Santos and the Brazilian national team ends his career in an atypical way – with serious problems in the courts and risk of being arrested if he leaves Brazil. He was punished for sexual violence against a woman in a Milan nightclub, an incident that took place in January 2013. At the time, he was one of Milan’s main players.

Robinho took the field for the last time, as a professional, on March 12, 2020, when he was at Istanbul Basaksehir, in a match against Copenhagen, valid for the round of 16 of the Europa League. Months later, he received a proposal to return to Santos, the club that projected him internationally.

His salary at the Vila Belmiro club would be R$1.5 million per month, in addition to a bonus of R$300,000 for the number of games played. It was in October that Santos announced him as a reinforcement, with a contract that would extend until February 2021. But the repercussion of the initial sentence of the Italian justice had many consequences and led Santos sponsors to threaten a rupture of the partnership if Robinho returned to wear the club shirt.

Given the circumstances, Santos preferred to side with those who help to cover their expenses and Robinho was in the background.

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