Romildo signaled the hiring of Everton Cebolinha and the subject reverberates on the web: “Assembling a great team”


The jorgado has been coveted by teams like; Atlético-MG, Palmeiras and Flamengo

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Everton Cebolinha has a contract with benfica until 2025, but has recently been in the crosshairs of Flamengo, palm trees and Atlético-MG. However, the board of the Portuguese team expects financial compensation, to at least try to recover the investment they made for the player in 2020. During the program’s live ‘UOL Esporte‘ this Wednesday (19), journalists Danilo Lavieri and Jeremiah Wernek even reflected Grêmio’s interest in repatriating the player.

For sure [iria atrás de Everton Cebolinha]. Given the possibility, I wouldn’t even think about going after him. In addition to Flamengo, Palmeiras, Atlético-MG, Grêmio, before them, took a look at Cebolinha to see if he didn’t want to come back on loan in the middle of last year. The team was already in crisis, but it had not deteriorated to the point of sinking and ending up being relegated as it was. Searched and heard that he has no plan to return to Brazil“, started Jeremiah.

The reason Everton Cebolinha did not take off at Benfica, from what I heard backstage, is the context of the club itself. Benfica, when looking for Jorge Jesus back, when they hire Cebolinha and four or five more reinforcements, created the idea that they would assemble a great team, a machine, but in fact the thing did not go forward. The team did not work collectively“, added.

Jeremiah Wernek still recalled the speeches of the businessman from Scallion some weeks ago. At the time, the agent had shown the desire to take the attacker out of the benfica: “Recently, Cebolinha’s own agent, Márcio Cruz, who is always very discreet, spoke publicly that he was thinking of removing the player because Jorge Jesus was underusing Everton. This was a sign that the relationship had reached the limit. That’s about three weeks old. What I heard at the time was that the athlete would be traded there in Europe“.

Borussia Dortmund, teams from Italy and Spain were singled out. From what I have information, the chance of him returning to Brazil is very small, almost nil. Cebolinha’s career project was to do well at Benfica and leave Portugal for another big league, which is more or less what many Brazilians do.“, concluded.

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