Ronaldo does not want to pay R$ 180 thousand and athlete is leaving Cruzeiro I Bolavip Brasil


According to information from Rádio Itatiaia, the defender would not have accepted the club’s salary readjustment policy.

Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro Official Flickr - Ronaldo agrees another departure from the Cruzeiro squad
Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro Official Flickr – Ronaldo agrees another departure from the Cruzeiro squad

THE cruise continues with a major process of financial reorganization internally to be able to restructure. Since the arrival of the new owner, the former player Ronaldo Phenomenon, many changes were made to Fox. The Minas Gerais team corrected the situation of some players who were part of the squad last season.

Some players from the celestial team were approached to talk about a possible new deal on their salaries. Among them, the most famous was that of the idol Fábio, who ended up not reaching a financial settlement with the new celestial management and ended up leaving the Minas Gerais club after 17 years.

However, more Cruzeiro players had defined situations. Some names that were in the celestial squad ended up not reaching an agreement with the board and followed the same path as Fábio. According to information from Itatiaia Radio, reported by journalists Guilherme Piu and Samuel Venancio, defender Ramon has his departure forwarded and should reinforce Atlético-GO.

According to an investigation carried out by the portal Super FC, Cruzeiro’s new management wanted to reduce the defender’s salary by 60%. According to the website, Ramon received monthly salaries in the amount of R$ 180 thousand. That is, with this reduction, the defender’s salary would go to R$ 72 thousand, since the reduction would be R$ 108 thousand.

Also according to information gathered by the sector’s Itatiaia, Ramon has contracts with Fox until the end of 2023, but his agreement must be terminated. The defender and Atlético-GO have conversations in progress and are just waiting for the termination with Raposa so that the deal can go ahead.

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