SEAL WRONG! Leftist Tico Santa Cruz complains he needs to work (see video)

Poor left-wing artists, increasingly oppressed by a government and parents that force them to live as ordinary and honest citizens do.

This time it was the self-declared singer, Tico Santa Cruz, who had a reality check. In a recent outburst where he complains that his fans are not as interested in his music as they are in politics, Tico lets slip that he lives in a country where he is “forced to work and produce”.

The leftist who decided to politicize his music with leftist ideology and attack Bolsonaro daily following the mainstream media’s primer, is surprised that his fans barely know about his “art”.

Tico probably had fans on the right, but by demonizing these people, he’s seen his singing career take a back seat, and let’s face it, his career as a political analyst isn’t much better.

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