Spain: Woman undergoes liposculpture surgery and dies from puncture wounds

Sára Gomez underwent liposculpture plastic surgery in a private clinic on December 2, 2021, in the city of Cartagena, Spain. Because of complications in the procedure, she was hospitalized for a month in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). On January 1st, she died. The information is from G1.

According to family members, Sára came out of surgery with “typical injuries from a gun fight”. Organs such as kidneys, colon (part of the large intestine), small intestine and liver had perforations of 0.5 to 2 centimeters.

Sára’s ex-husband, Ezequiel Nicolás, reported that the woman met a 38-year-old Chilean surgeon through mutual friends. And she would have been excited about the surgery after seeing the results of the cosmetic procedures performed by the doctor. “He sold himself very well.”

Also according to Nicolás, the woman paid €5,700 (about R$36,000) for the surgery.

Lawyer Inácio Martínez said the doctor assured Sára’s family that the surgery had gone well. However, hours later, an ambulance was called to transfer the woman to a hospital in the region, where she was hospitalized for a month, until she died on January 1st.

The family registered a crime report and the case began to be investigated.

Attorney Pablo Martínez, who represents the surgeon, said the doctor did not observe any complications or errors during the cosmetic procedure. “If he had noticed anything strange, he would have stopped the intervention.”

However, the anesthesiologist informed the Cartagena Department of Health that he told the doctor that the patient had suffered a drop in blood pressure and that the fluid extracted from her body had a reddish color, not the yellowish one that would be from fat.

“It is not understandable why they did not stop the operation when they saw that the liquid extracted was reddish in color, especially considering that the anesthesiologist warned them, or why they called the emergency services so late,” said her ex-husband, Ezequiel Nicolás.

“We want the full weight of the law to fall on the culprits, because it was carnage,” he added.

The case is still being investigated and the judge in charge seized the slipper surgeon’s passport, but he was not banned from continuing to practice his profession.

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