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With the increase in the number of investors on the Stock Exchange, it is not surprising that day trade have become popular “knowledge”, with the emergence of several gurus and influencers, as well as news data talking about the day trade – in a mostly negative way.

So, I came to bring some important points on this subject and show that no, the day trade is no villain in the world of Financial market – on the contrary, it can be highly profitable if you know where you are putting your feet.

It is important to know that the day trade is a type of operation in stock Exchange that starts and ends on the same day and you make money from asset price fluctuations, buying low and selling high or selling high and buying low. Very simple.

But if it’s so simple, why do we see so much negative data from people losing money with this modality?

Lack of knowledge and adequate risk management.

Many people enter this modality because of a wave of influencers or gurus who don’t live from that market and who don’t have real results. And so, they enter anyway, operating any asset at any price and believing that they will have results from one moment to the next.

And that’s not how it works!

Believe me, I’ve been in this market for 16 years and I keep studying constantly to get results, maintaining a risk management in each operation and having a lot of patience.

The Stock Exchange as a whole is a process, study, planning and execution – mainly in the day trade, which has opportunities every day.

Logging into a real account, without having prior knowledge, without having trained in a simulator and without having any knowledge, is the same as driving at 100 km/h on a winding track without a seat belt: there is no way to end well.

So, do you want to do well in your operations?

Find a mentor who has walked the path and lives by what he says.

The second point has much to do with the first: lack of risk management.

After all, how can you guard against something you have no idea how it works?

When you are driving or walking on the street, you are aware of all the possibilities, and you take the necessary measures in each of them: wear your seat belt, use the arrow, look both ways, use the crosswalk , etc.

Why wouldn’t you do the same management with your operations?

Risk management goes far beyond limiting your loss: it is part of planning and studying your exposure in the operation, the price or region you will enter, the maximum that the market could take (without the money being needed) and the gain objective and strategy you will use.

Well, simple, but not easy!

THE day trade it is so profitable that even large treasuries use this operating modality to maximize their profits. “So it’s just something for companies and legal entities.” Wrong. Individuals may carry out the operations of day trade – on their own or by a proprietary table.

Obviously, it is better that you operate at a table where the money used will not be yours, that is, it has already reduced a good deal of anxiety and fear of losing and you will be relaxed to look at opportunities with more rationality.

I can say, how trader for 16 years and CEO of the biggest table of tradersof Latin America, that the day trade it is profitable yes, and that you can have an extra income through these operations – even turn it into a main source of income.

‘Retomada Week’ is the event that has already changed the lives of thousands of people, where I teach how operations work and give them the opportunity to join my team and operate with my capital, where I assume 100% of the risks and my traders receive 80% to 90% of the profits made. More information here.

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