training game gives indications of what Carille thinks for 2022

Santos beat São Caetano 4-3 in a training game held yesterday (19), at CT Rei Pelé. And the match showed what coach Fabio Carille thinks for Peixe 2022.

The first confirmation is the scheme with three defenders. The formation used in the final stretch of the last Brazilian Championship will be maintained this season.

Against Azulão, Peixe played with Emiliano Velázquez, Luiz Felipe and Eduardo Bauermann in the defense. Kaiky would be a starter, but he was one of those diagnosed with covid-19. Bauermann should fight for a spot with Luiz in the base team of the Campeonato Paulista.

On the wings, Madson and Lucas Braga were the starters. They’ve been in the starting 11 for most of the pre-season and start ahead. Daniel Guedes, reinstated after the loan to Fortaleza, was tested on the right and is in the running. Left-back by birth, Felipe Jonatan has been training in midfield. He would go out playing, but he was also out because of the coronavirus.

In midfield, Camacho, Vinicius Zanocelo and Gabriel Pirani were chosen by Carille. This trio, however, faces stiff competition. Sandry (spared after getting covid and being released), Felipe Jonatan (in isolation) and Ricardo Goulart (in the process of physical reconditioning) should be starters. Jobson, Carlos Sánchez and Bruno Oliveira run on the outside.

In the attack, the duo was Marcos Guilherme and Marcos Leonardo. Marcos Guilherme is a wild card for Fabio Carille and is in the plans, however, he should be replaced by Marinho in Paulistão and there is still Ângelo as an important alternative. Marcos Leonardo is the likely starter, with Léo Baptistão as a replacement.

The starting lineup had João Paulo, Emiliano Velázquez, Luiz Felipe and Eduardo Bauermann; Madson, Camacho, Vinicius Zanocelo, Gabriel Pirani and Lucas Braga; Marcos Guilherme and Marcos Leonardo. With them, Santos played for 45 minutes and drew 2-2 with São Caetano. Peixe opened the scoring with Marcos Guilherme, took the turn and tied with Madson.

Shorted reserve team

Santos did not have seven players who tested positive for covid-19 during the preseason: Felipe Jonatan, Marinho, Sánchez, Sandry, Kaiky, Robson and Vinicius Balieiro. Luiz Felipe, Vinicius Zanocelo, Ângelo and Léo Baptistão were also diagnosed with the coronavirus, but recovered well and were released to act. Of these, Felipe Jonatan, Kaiky, Robson and Balieiro are still isolated.

Due to these absences, Fabio Carille had to improvise the midfielders Ivonei and Luizinho as defender and left-back, respectively, and even put forward Allanzinho in midfield. Bolivian defender Zabala, from under-20, made up the reserve team. And goalkeeper John returned to action after knee surgery.

Ricardo Goulart is seen by Carille as an attacking midfielder, but he played as a false 9, alongside Ângelo at one end and Léo Baptistão at the other. During the season, the greater chance is that Goulart will be a midfielder and Baptistão will be an alternative to Marcos Leonardo as a mobile striker.

Even with all these problems, Santos’ reserves beat São Caetano 2-1 in the final 45 minutes. Ângelo and Léo Baptistão made it 4 to 2 and Azulão decreased. The ABC team hasn’t changed as much as Peixe, who changed the 11.

Midfielder Augusto and forwards Lacava and Tailson did not participate in the training game. They should play for a few minutes in the next friendly on Friday, against Portuguesa Santista, but at first they are below the others that were used against São Caetano. The roster will be reduced in the coming days. Striker Bruno Marques is in advanced negotiation with Arouca (POR) and was not available.

Carille intends to use Marinho, Sandry and Sánchez in the next training game. With Sandry and Marinho at their disposal, Santos will be closer to the ideal team of the coaching staff. The starters Kaiky and Felipe Jonatan will still be out, as well as the reserves Robson and Vinicius Balieiro.

Peixe will reassess all these cases before the debut in Paulistão against Inter de Limeira next Wednesday (26), away from home. Alvinegro tries to avoid new positives for covid-19 with a “bubble” in CT Rei Pelé so that Fabio Carille has a team close to what he imagines for the season in the first round.

From what is worked on in the pre-season, Carille’s starting Santos has João Paulo, Kaiky, Luiz Felipe (Eduardo Bauermann) and Emiliano Velázquez; Madson (Daniel Guedes), Sandry (Camacho), Felipe Jonatan (Vinicius Zanocelo), Ricardo Goulart and Lucas Braga; Marino and Marcos Leonardo.

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