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The Ministry of Economy suffered three new casualties this Wednesday (19). The exemptions were published in the DOU (Official Gazette of the Union), at the request of Sergio Bogea Soares, program director of the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue; Cristiano Rocha Heckert, Secretary of Management of the Special Secretariat for Debureaucratization, Management and Digital Government; and Gustavo José de Guimarães e Souza, Secretary for Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery of the Special Secretariat for the Treasury and Budget.

The Ministry of Economy, led by Paulo Guedes, started the Bolsonaro government as a super-ministry, encompassing former ministries, such as the ministries of Planning, Budget and Management, of Labor (recently recreated) and of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

Over the course of his administration, however, Guedes lost names from the top of the Pasta. The first major casualty was Mansueto Almeida, secretary of the Treasury and Budget, followed by Caio Megale, director of programs at the Secretariat of Finance, Marcos Cintra, special secretary of the Revenue, Salim Mattar, special secretary of Privatization, and Paulo Uebel, special secretary of Debureaucratization and Digital Government.

In October of last year, four more secretaries left the Ministry in a single day, alleging personal reasons, but, according to an investigation, motivated by dissatisfaction with fiscal management/flexibilization of the spending ceiling. Among them Bruno Funchal, at the Treasury and Budget Secretariat; Jeferson Bittencourt, at the Treasury Department; Gildenora Dantas, Deputy Special Secretary for Treasury and Budget; and Rafael Araujo, deputy secretary of the National Treasury.

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