When can I withdraw the FGTS 2022?

Known only by the acronym FGTS, the Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço allows CLT workers to withdraw the amount directly reserved for the fund. For those who don’t know, the amount deposited in the FGTS corresponds to 8% of the remuneration received monthly.

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This amount must be deposited by the 7th of the month following its accrual in an account at Caixa Econômica Federal. Therefore, if you are a CLT worker, your employer is obliged to open an account in your name, where deposits must be made.

When can I withdraw the FGTS 2022?

There are some criteria and specific occasions for withdrawing the FGTS, the main one being dismissal without just cause. In addition, the end of fixed-term contracts, as in the case of young apprentices, also makes it possible to withdraw. External causes such as the extinction of the company, suspension of temporary work, account inactive for three years and purchase of a home can also justify the withdrawal of values.

It is worth mentioning that the legislation also allows the worker to access this money in cases of emergency need. That is, health issues such as cancer or HIV, emergencies in general and urgent situations in the family are just causes for the looting.

It is also possible to withdraw the FGTS upon retirement and age over 70 years or death of the worker. In the latter case, the family can file a withdrawal request from the worker who died.

Finally, there is the possibility of the birthday withdrawal, which offers the option of withdrawing a portion of the FGTS in the month of the worker’s birthday. However, it is worth mentioning that those who choose this modality will not be able to request withdrawal upon dismissal without just cause.

Where is the withdrawal made?

In the same way that your employer/company provides you with the FGTS account, the employer must also provide you with the password. Therefore, having the password in hand and the Caixa Cidadão Card, you will be able to withdraw the amounts at any Caixa service unit. This also includes the Lottery Houses, as well as the institution’s self-service terminals.

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