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Woman took selfie after car crashing into frozen river

Woman took selfie after car crashing into frozen river

After having the car sunk in a frozen lake in the Ottawa region of Canada, a woman climbed into the vehicle and took a selfie. The conductor entered the Rideau River, which was partially frozen, last Sunday (16), around 4:30 pm.

The woman managed to get out of the vehicle while it was still afloat and was positioned on top of the car as people tried to get closer to save her. A group of residents mobilized to try to rescue the driver.

Two residents used a kayak and rope to lift the woman off the vehicle and leave her in a safe place. However, during the process, she positioned herself in the back of the car and stopped to take a selfie.


“Everything worked perfectly, we put her in the kayak, pulled her out, and as soon as we took her out, the car was full,” said Zachary King, one of the rescuers, to the CTV News Ottawa
. He said he was shocked to see the woman stopping the rescue to take a picture. “We pulled her out and were like, ‘What the hell were you doing?’

According to the newspaper, the driver was charged with dangerously operating a motor vehicle under Canada’s Penal Code.

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