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Covid-19 rapid detection test

The symptoms and fear of having covid-19 are not enough, the worker suspected of having the disease still has to run after the bureaucratic details related to the service. Notify the company that the signs of the disease have appeared, test and also consult.

But the scenario, amid the explosion of cases driven by the advancement of the Ômicron variant, is one of lack of testing. Health facilities are also full. And then what should the worker do? For answers, Itatiaia spoke with lawyer Aline Araújo, a specialist in labor law.

The specialist explains that the presentation of the medical certificate is waived in the first seven days. “There was a change in the legislation that dismisses the employee during the emergency period due to covid-19. From the 8th day, if there is still a need to maintain isolation, then, yes, presentation of the medical certificate.”

According to her, once diagnosed with covid-19, the employee must notify the company in which he works. “Even for her to be cautious about the other employees. The declaration of good faith in the first seven days is valid for the employee to justify his absence about possible symptoms”, he continues.

Aline Araújo also guides employees to formally notify the company, either by email or by text message via WhatsApp.

Can a company demand an isolated employee?

According to the specialist, “it is not recommended that the company make demand for the employee” who is isolated with covid-19. “It is also not recommended any agreement in the opposite direction. There may, indeed, be some kind of penalty if there is any kind of inspection”, he continues.

“It is important to emphasize that the safety and health standards of employees are the ones that most require the employer’s attention and the ones that most generate situations that can lead to lawsuits”, he adds.

When to take the test?

Infectologist Unaí Tupinambás, a member of the Committee to Combat Covid-19 in Belo Horizonte, says that the ideal, both for rapid antigen tests and for RT-PCR, is that the exam be collected between the second and fifth day of pregnancy. symptoms.

“In this period of time, is when there is a higher concentration of viral load. For asymptomatic people, who came into contact with people with covid-19, the test is not indicated. Even because there is a lack of test for diagnosis”, he added.

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