Andromeda OS: Check out the canceled version of Windows running on a Microsoft Lumia 950

Before we met the Surface Duo in 2020, it was speculated that Microsoft’s folding tablet would use an adapted version of Windows. The operating system, referred to internally as “Andromeda OS”, reached an advanced stage of development until mid-2018, but was eventually canceled and replaced by Android.

THE Windows Centralthis Friday (21), published a video that shows the unfinished software build running on a Microsoft Lumia 950. Given that this is a canceled version, there are several missing features and user interface errors, but the image is enough to see what big tech planned for the Surface Duo. Check it out:


20 Jan

Surface Neo: prot

25 Oct

Although the software was intended for the tablet, the internal tests were carried out using the Lumia 950. Starting from the lock screen, with visual elements similar to Windows Phone, there was a function to start notes without having to open an app — just write using the Surface Pen and the UI would transform.

Andromeda OS had several gesture controls that triggered different system functions — such as the Start Menu and Cortana — while the user was running an app. A swipe to the left would be enough to open the menu or to the right to call up the virtual assistant. The feature is interesting, as the apps would run in full screen by default.

The quick settings panel could be accessed with a swipe down, just like on Android or iOS devices. You can see that Fluent Design — the visual identity launched in 2017 with translucent effects based on light and depth — was present in Andromeda OS, but did not show up on Windows Phone.

Another curious detail is Cortana “managing” notifications in the gesture-triggered side panel. An experimental menu called the “Radial UX Menu” also allowed the slider to show a full menu with circular buttons for the Start Menu, Cortana, recent apps list, and Surface Pen notes.

Zac Bowden, tester of Andromeda OS, reaffirms the similarities of the canceled system interface with the Android customized for the Surface Duo, such as the lock screen inspired by Windows 10, but it is noticed that Microsoft’s proprietary software would adopt a usability with greater applications for the Surface Pen.

Unfortunately, the remnants of the platform’s existence are limited to the demonstration of the Windows Central. Microsoft is not expected to repurpose or resume software development for successors to the Surface Duo 2, marking an end identical to Windows 10X.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.

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