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During this morning friday (21), the sister Barbara Heck went to the confessional again to ask for a medication for constipation. The blonde, who has not evacuated for days, was called attention by the production: “Attention: take care of your food”, warned the Big Boss while Barbarian withdrew from the confessional.

In the early hours of today (21), the model also complained of not being able to sleep because she was feeling sick: “I’m feeling sick, I’m feeling sick…”, commented. Pedro Scooby, laughing, asked: “Are you pregnant? It would be beautiful. Is there a possibility?”. But Barbara soon cut off the surfer saying that there was no possibility of pregnancy.

Speaking of BBB…

Barbara shoots: “Barbie is the fuck!”

After a long 12 hours of endurance test, popcorn Bárbara and Laís emerged victorious from the ‘Immunity Test’. Happy as they were, the sisters immediately went inside the headquarters to tell the rest of the brothers the news. When she was jokingly called Barbie by her colleagues, Barbara shot: “Barbie is the f*ck! Call me baby girl now!”, celebrated the sister screaming after working hard in the first test of reality.

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BBB22 has the best debut since BBB18

Last Monday (17th), the Big Brother Brazil debuted better than the last three editions. According to consolidated data from Kantar Ibope Media, BBB22 scored 27.9 rating points on the first day, surpassing BBB21 (27.4), BBB20 (24.9) and BBB19 (22.5) and touching the BBB18 (30.9). During the program, the station won the absolute first place during the beginning of the program.

The BBB22 pilot massacred the premiere of “Faustão na Band” and “1001 questions”, the new game show of the Band, presented by Zeca Camargo who scored 3 points. To get an idea of ​​what these Ibope numbers mean, one point is equivalent to 76,577 households tuned in in Greater São Paulo. That is, more than 2.1 million televisions were tuned to the program.

The reinvention of the BBB in 2020

With the fiasco of the BBB19 edition, in 2020, the highest-rated reality show on Brazilian television included celebrities in its cast. Called “Camarote”, the group featured singer Manu Gavassi, presenter Rafa Kaliman, actor Babu Santana, who together with champion Thelma Assis formed the TOP4 of the edition. Other celebrities who joined the cast: Boca Rosa, Mari Gonzalez, Petrix Barbosa, Pyog Lee, Gabi Martins and Lucas Chumbo, who was the first to be eliminated from the program. As for BBB21, the celebrities who stood out the most were the rappers Projota and Karol Conka, who were canceled by the public for Controversial statements and teasing participants internet favorites. In addition to singer Fiuk, son of Fábio Jr. and influencer Camilla de Lucas, the TOP3 was completed with the winner Juliette Freire. The box also suffered with the withdrawal of actor Lucas Penteado, which took place after a party, where he starred in the first gay kiss with the dearest Gil do Vigor, the last one eliminated before the final.

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