BC informs leak of registration data of 160 thousand Pix keys

The Central Bank announced, this Friday (21/1), that there was a leak of information related to 160 thousand Pix keys. According to the autarchy, among the data exposed, are the user’s name, CPF, relationship institution and branch number. The case was observed between December 3 and 5 of last year, and covered information under the custody and responsibility of Acesso Soluções de Pagamento SA (Acesso).

The problem occurred, according to the BC, “due to occasional failures in the systems of this payment institution”.

“The information obtained is of a cadastral nature, which does not allow the movement of resources, nor access to accounts or other financial data”, the note details.

The monetary authority says that the victims of this leak will be notified through the application or through the internet banking of the institution of which they are customers. Contact is not made by phone, text message or email – setting up a scam, if it occurs.

The BC stated that it will take the necessary measures. “Even though it is not required by current legislation, due to the low potential impact for users, the BC decided to communicate the event to society, in view of the commitment to transparency that governs its performance”, he declared.

Another similar case occurred in September 2021, when the Central Bank notified data leakage of 395 thousand Pix keys under the responsibility of Banese (Banco do Estado de Sergipe).

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