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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) arrived at 3:15 pm in Eldorado, in the interior of São Paulo, for the wake and burial of his mother, Olinda Bonturi Bolsonaro, who died at the age of 94, during the early hours of this Friday (21). He interrupted an international trip – he was in Suriname and was supposed to go to Guyana – to hurry back to Brazil, when he learned of his mother’s death.

Bolsonaro arrived in Brazil by plane, at Congonhas Airport, where he boarded the presidential helicopter. He went to the interior of São Paulo with Michelle Bolsonaro and their children Renan and Flávio Bolsonaro, who was also accompanied by his wife. After arriving in Eldorado, they went straight to the parish hall of Nossa Senhora da Guia Church, downtown, where the wake takes place.

Olinda Bonturi Bolsonaro’s wake takes place in Eldorado, SP — Photo: g1 Santos

Olinda Bonturi Bolsonaro died at the age of 94, during the early hours of this Friday. She had been hospitalized since Monday (17) at São João Hospital, in Registro. The president’s mother died after two cardiac arrests.

The opening of the wake took place around 10:15 am. The elderly woman’s burial is scheduled to take place at 5 pm, at the municipality’s Central Cemetery, where the president’s father, Percy Geraldo Bolsonaro, was also buried.

Bolsonaro arrived in Eldorado, SP, for his mother’s wake — Photo: Nina Barbosa/g1

The announcement of the mother’s death was made by the president on his social networks. “With regret the passing of my dear mother. May God welcome her in his infinite goodness,” he wrote on Twitter.

Olinda Bolsonaro was hospitalized at Hospital São João, in Registro, since last Monday. She lived in Eldorado (SP), which is approximately 52 kilometers away from Registro and does not have a referral hospital.

Bolsonato anuncia morte de sua mãe — Foto: Reprodução Twitter/Jair Bolsonaro

In the same publication in which he announced the death of his mother, Bolsonaro also stated that he was preparing to return to Brazil. Bolsonaro traveled this Thursday morning (20) to Paramaribo, in Suriname, and arrived in the city around 12:00, Brasília time. This was the first stop on a two-day trip that would also include Guyana.

Bolsonaro's mother sang during the president's visit in 2019;  review

Bolsonaro’s mother sang during the president’s visit in 2019; review

In addition to Jair Bolsonaro, children and grandchildren made farewell posts to Olinda Bolsonaro. O filho do presidente e vereador Carlos Bolsonaro foi um dos primeiros a se manifestar nas redes sociais após a morte da avó: “Owwwww meu Grande Pai”, escreveu ele no Twitter e no Instagram.

Renato and his mother Olinda — Photo: Personal Archive

Eduardo Bolsonaro, federal deputy and son of the president, also made a post about her death. “My grandmother Olinda has sadly passed away. May God receive her in the best possible way. In memory of sweet moments from my childhood to the most recent with her and her peculiar laugh”, he said, who also posted the same video with family photos published by dad.

Renato Bolsonaro, the president’s brother, selected a series of photos with his mother. He made an emotional text, saying that he would like to have a few more minutes with his mother, and that her memory will not be erased.

Olinda Bonturi Bolsonaro was admitted to a hospital in Registro, SP — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

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