Bolsonaro’s friend confirms ‘crack’, but denies it after phone call from the president

RIO – One of the president’s closest friends Jair Bolsonaro, the retiree Waldyr Ferraz, known as Alligator, admitted, according to the magazine Look, the existence of a rachadinha scheme (diverting the salary of advisors in favor of parliamentarians) in the offices of family politicians. Waldyr has followed Bolsonaro since the beginning of his political career in the 1980s. According to him, the scheme was set up by Ana Cristina Valle, the agent’s second ex-wife, without his or his family’s knowledge. The case began to be investigated, revealed from a report by the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf). To the Estadão/Broadcast, after receiving, by phone, a charge from Bolsonaro for his statements, Jacaré denied having made accusations. He claimed to have only quoted news that he had read in the newspapers.

Second Look, Jacaré described the alleged scheme that Ana would operate. With the power to make a quota of hiring from the offices, in this version she collected documents from some people, opened bank accounts and gave them a small part of their salary, keeping the rest. Often advisors would be ghosts. Bolsonaro, according to this narrative, would know nothing. He would only have found out, according to Waldyr, when Estadão revealed the open investigation, in December 2018. Waldyr would not participate in the scheme either.

“She did it in all three offices,” Waldyr said, according to Veja. In Brasilia (in the Chamber of Deputies), here at Flavio (in the Legislative Assembly of Rio) and in Carlos. Bolsonaro left everything in her hand for her to solve. She had the party. That’s it. She did it, but who signed it? He was the one who signed. Will he say he doesn’t know? It’s lipstick on underwear. How are you going to explain? He’s managing. There’s not much to do.”

Still according to Look, Bolsonaro, when he learned of the scheme, was “desperate”.

“The guy was betrayed,” Jacaré said, according to the magazine. “She started it all. Bolsonaro was never connected to any of these things. The guy (didn’t) have a vision of what was going on behind the cabinet. Sometimes the chief of staff does shit, the deputy himself doesn’t know. Even the vagabond deputy doesn’t know, he only finds out later.”

Waldyr told Veja that Ana Cristina demands money and other advantages in order not to tell what she knows. She would have gone to the playpen at Palácio da Alvorada, supposedly to be seen by Bolsonaro and put pressure on him. The president’s second ex-wife lives in a luxury house in Brasília. There are accusations that she is the hidden owner of the property. She denies it and says she rents it.

To the Estadão/Broadcast, however, after receiving the call from Bolsonaro on Thursday, Waldyr denied knowing about any scheme in the family offices.

“Everything I said to the Veja journalist I read in the newspapers, it’s nothing I’ve seen. I lived inside and I never saw these cracking schemes,” he said. According to him, Bolsonaro was angry and said he shouldn’t have said anything. “It never happened to mecrack) and I’m sure neither he (Bolsonaro) and not even the children knew anything. Deputies or councilors are not always aware of what happens in the cabinets”.

The former advisor said he gave an interview just to talk about his friendship with Bolsonaro.

Ana Valle could not be reached to comment on the report by Look.

In a post on social media, Waldyr said: “I inform you that I have never witnessed or heard of anything that had a crack in any Bolsonaro cabinet.” In another excerpt, he said that he was never appointed in the cabinet of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) or his sons Flávio and Carlos. The publication was read by Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) in a video recorded and released this Friday, 21. The senator, in whose office Queiroz, according to the Public Ministry of Rio, would have operated the cracking scheme, complained that “the attacks do not stop”, even in a “difficult time”. In the early hours of this Friday, Olinda Bolsonaro, the president’s mother, died at the age of 94.

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