Bolsonaro’s friend confirms crack in family offices

Wladir Ferraz and Bolsonaro pose for photos
Wladir Ferraz, aka Jacar, and Jair Bolsonaro (photo: Social Networks/Reproduction)

Merchant Navy retiree Wladir Ferraz, a former advisor and great friend of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) since the Federal Executive’s head was still a councilor for Rio de Janeiro, made new revelations about the “cracks” in the Bolsonaro family. The statements were given in an interview Veja magazine.

Wladir Ferraz known as Jacar, but was called by the president “zero zero”. He was hired to work in the offices of Bolsonaro in the Chamber of Deputies and of Carlos Bolsonaro in the Municipal Chamber of Rio. In addition, he received two decorations from the federal government.

According to Jacar, the cracks took place in the offices of the then deputy Jair Bolsonaro, senator Flvio Bolsonaro, still in the Rio Assembly, and Carlos, in the City Council.

Also according to the former advisor, Veja reported, the person responsible for carrying out the operations was the ex-wife of President Ana Cristina Valle, mother of Jair Renan, son “04” of Bolsonaro. Jacar also says that “who did it” was Ana Cristina, but who “signed” was Bolsonaro himself.

“She (Ana Cristina Valle) did it in all three offices. In Brasilia, here at Flvio and Carlos. Bolsonaro left everything in her hands for her to solve. She had the party. Unfortunately that. She did it, but who signed it?”, asks Jacar. “He (Jair Bolsonaro) signed it. Will he say he doesn’t know? lipstick on underwear. How are you going to explain? He’s managing. He doesn’t have much to do,” he continued.

According to Jacar, the crack became a practice in the Bolsonaro family offices in the 1990s, when the now president was serving as a federal deputy. At that time, Ana Cristina, then married to a sergeant, began to approach Bolsonaro. Jacar says that she was “infiltrating”.

Also according to him, the scheme worked as follows: responsible for a quota of hires, Ana Cristina collected documents from some people, opened bank accounts in their name and pocketed a large part of their salaries. Often, the official was a ghost and was not even aware that he was officially employed in Bolsonaro’s office.

In “cracks”, money is transferred from orange aides to a politician’s personal account.

The former advisor also said that Ana Cristina threatened Bolsonaro, asking for money to keep his silence.

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