Book sales grow 29% in 2021 and consolidate the boom in the publishing sector – 01/21/2022 – Illustrated

Publishers’ revenue rose 29% from 2020 to 2021, consolidating an already expected movement of bonanza for the book market.

If in the first year of the pandemic the sector earned R$ 1.76 billion, last year the number grew to R$ 2.28 billion. In volume, the increase was the same, rising from 42.5 million books sold to 55 million.

The data were released this Friday by the National Union of Book Publishers, Snel, and the consultancy Nielsen. It is the annual balance of the survey carried out month by month by the two institutions, which measures revenue from the retail side of bookstores.

The same survey, a year ago, showed that the market had already recovered in 2020 from the brutal losses caused by the closing of bookstores. Last year, as can be seen, growth was even greater.

Some data help to better understand the picture, beyond the mere fact that bookstores spent much more time open last year.

The discount offered by publishers this year was higher, reaching an average of 26%, 2.76 percentage points above 2020. This contributed to the increase in the variety of books sold, at a level of almost 10%. About 408 thousand different books were sold during the year.

The sector’s expectation is that 2022 will be a year of consolidating gains, with the return of in-person launches and major events with the public, as already outlined at the Bienal do Rio in December.

That’s if the threat of new strains of the coronavirus doesn’t derail plans too much, as the omicron has been doing in recent weeks.

The Production and Sales Survey of the Brazilian Publishing Sector, an annual balance sheet using a different methodology, which estimates publishers’ revenue through all revenue channels in addition to book retailing, is usually released in the middle of the year and provides a better understanding of the sector’s situation.

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