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Douglas Silva and Linn da Quebrada revealed their criteria for the formation of the first BBB 22 wall in a conversation this Friday morning (21). Without revealing names, the two talked about the house’s strategies and debated whether they would vote for who has less proximity or who is already architecting plans within the game.

“Some people are more gamblers and err even with perspective, and I say, ‘Look, interesting, huh? What a joke!'”, Linn joked. Netizens speculate that the error in question may refer to the transphobic speech of Rodrigo Mussi, who portrayed himself to the singer after being scolded by Vinicius.

“People are playing like hell! There are people who are exchanging good ideas, but deep down they’re playing to win”, agreed the actor, who also had a disagreement with Rodrigo in a conversation about the use of the term “black”. “When in doubt, don’t do it”, advised the brother.

“But the worst thing is that I don’t feel like voting yet, let’s see where this game goes? Let’s see where it goes, then he goes wrong and I say: ‘Putz!'”, joked the artist. . “This week there was nothing personal and nothing wrong with the collective”, pondered Douglas, regarding the apparent calm of the first week in the house.

“I’m going to vote for the person who I’m talking less or who is playing a lot. The person who is playing a lot is bye”, revealed the brother. “I think I’ll let whoever is playing a lot. Who is clearly playing and the relationship is really a game”, countered Linn.

She says that she doesn’t think strategists should leave right away and that she prefers to vote for those who didn’t show up in the game: “I say: ‘Let me see where this goes?’. I’m interested to see because for me I I think it’s interesting. I think I’ll vote for the one that is warm and farther away that I couldn’t even play or change”.

“I’ll prefer the one that I have less relationship with. Because then there is more game. Because even the person who only plays with me, she relates to me”, concluded the sister. Check out the reactions of netizens to the conversation between the two below.

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