Exchanger who sold fake certificate in Rio advises journalist to take the vaccine: ‘Why didn’t you take it?’ | Rio de Janeiro

Even though he was caught committing a crime by selling falsified vaccination certificates in Rio de Janeiro, a scalper insisted on advising the RJTV to be immunized against Covid.

“Now, if you really want to, the right thing is for you to take the vaccine, understand? You have to get the vaccine. Why didn’t you get the vaccine?”, asked the man, who was offering the card at Quinta da Boa Vista, in the North Zone, near the Bioparque.

As the report showed, counterfeit vaccination cards, used to access places where proof of vaccination is required, are sold for up to BRL 200 in broad daylight in Rio. RJ1 took place in at least two places: Uruguaiana and Quinta da Boa Vista (see more in the video below).

The requirement for proof of vaccination was expanded in December last year.

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This Friday (21), PMs of the 5th Battalion (Gamboa) arrested four men who sold false tickets and proof of vaccination near AquaRio.

At the Center, with a hidden camera, the reporting team filmed the seller negotiating the vaccination certificate.

“Vaccine card, my friend, I’m selling it for R$200 there. Comes blank, like this.”

The seller shows a vaccination card on his cell phone and claims that the card is the same one given at the health posts. According to him, the buyer himself must fill in.

RJ1: So I need to fill it”.

Seller: “Yourself. Then you just copy what is here. Here CF Clínica da Família São José. Here you will only change the person’s name. The name will put yours. First dose you put a date there. Then second dose you set another date for you to come back, in case. He understood?”

After a negotiation, the seller delivers a blank proof of vaccination from the Municipality of Mesquita. Another man joins the dialogue.

RJ1: “That’s hot, stuff is from the Mesquita City Hall.”

Seller: “Mosque City Hall”.

The seller writes down his phone number and, on the note, identifies himself as Guilherme. By message, hours later, he sent two photos with what would be examples of a blank card and a filled one. The card has the name of the clinic in the Santa Terezinha neighborhood, in Mesquita.

The voucher is the same as another, authentic, from a person who was vaccinated at the same post, in the same city.

Proof of the Mesquita City Hall is offered by a man in Uruguaiana — Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Guilherme, the seller, guarantees that no one had problems with the forged vouchers.

Seller:“Last week the girl took 10 with me”.

Seller: “She wasn’t insisting on her employees getting the vaccine so she bought ten herself to give to her employees. Bagulho is hot, you can rest assured”.

He says that he also uses a counterfeit card: “To enter the Forum. I had to go there on the Forum to see a deal in a lawsuit there. I hadn’t had the vaccine. I took one, filled it out, went there and the guy just said: ‘you can come in’. I’m going everywhere with him. I have one myself,” said the salesman.

The sale of vaccination cards doesn’t just happen at the Center. Next to the Bioparque, at Quinta da Boa Vista, in the North Zone of Rio, there is a money changer that goes beyond ticket sales. People who realized the chance to earn money with the requirement of a vaccine passport in tourist spots.

RJ1:“Come here, you know if they are there, they are asking for that…”

Seller: “Vaccine card?”

Seller: “Are you, have you?”

Seller: “I do it online here for you”.

According to the scheme, fraudsters make an online version of a vaccine voucher to be displayed at the entrance. The seller says there is no problem.

“We ask other people to do it, to send it to us, so we don’t have to do it, you know? Because it already messes with the health area, these things. It’s not even a f***. This is just a piece of junk. A little card, on the computer, that the guy puts his name so you can enter. I usually don’t like to do it. The guy charges R$20 to do this”

The man passes payment details to a customer who has purchased two tickets from him.

Everything happens a few meters from a Military Police vehicle, next to a Municipal Guard agent and a corporation bus with the inscription “Rio City Hall in the fight against Covid-19”.

What the authorities say

  • THE Civil police stated that the Consumer Police Department is investigating the matter.
  • THE Municipal guard stated that, based on the images broadcast, he would verify the conduct of the agents who were at the scene.
  • THE Military police stated that the crimes shown are committed in a veiled way in covert actions, which makes it difficult to identify the perpetrators. The PM stated that it maintains patrolling in the tourist areas of Rio.
  • THE Mezquita City Hall stated that he is unaware of and condemns the practice of falsifying vaccination documents and that this is a case of the police.
  • THE Rio Biopark stated that it follows the municipal decree and that it allows access with proof of vaccination and a document with a photo of the visitors.

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