Fátima Bernardes stays at Globo until December

The column said here that the Meeting with Fátima Bernardes will undergo a reformulation as of May and that two more presenters will share the command of the attraction with the owner of the attraction. Because the column discovered that Fátima Bernardes has already warned Globo that she will only be in charge of the program until December.

The journalist can only leave the Meeting on this date because the last contract of one of the sponsors who agreed to merchandising the program with this format ends in December. The broadcaster’s department may even try to negotiate the issue with the companies with which it maintains a relationship to this date, but it has come to the conclusion that it is better not to touch this wasp nest.


About to turn 60 in September, with almost 40 years of career, William Bonner’s ex-wife wants to rest. For almost ten years working daily on a live show, Fátima decided to prioritize her personal life and work less. As her repeated time off has caused stress on her team, she thought it best to take her team out of the field and work on another project. The journalist and the broadcaster are talking about the possibility of her having a program on GNT, but nothing is certain yet.

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