Hapvida (HAPV3) Announces Feb 11 as Effective Date for Notre Dame Incorporation (GNDI3) and Shareholder Procedures

Hapvida (HAPV3) and Notre Dame Intermédica (GNDI3) announced that the closing of the merger of the companies will take place on February 11th. On the same day, Notre Dame shares are no longer traded on the Stock Exchange.

On February 14, the shares of the combined companies begin trading under the ticker “HAPV3”.

On February 16, each shareholder of Notre Dame will receive 5.2436 shares of Hapvida for each share of the company they hold. On March 29, shareholders will receive a cash installment in the amount of R$5.1260 per share.

Intermédica shareholders who are registered in the company’s database until February 11 will be entitled to the transaction.

Check the schedule:

(i) February 11, 2022: closing of trading of GNDI shares on B3 and Transaction Closing Date. For the purposes of the Transaction, those who hold GNDI shares at the close of trading on February 11, 2022 (Base Date). The Closing of the Transaction will take place on this date, after the closing of the trading of GNDI shares on B3.

(ii) February 14, 2022: start of trading of New Hapvida Shares on B3.

(iii) February 16, 2022: effective crediting of the New Hapvida Shares in the custody accounts of GNDI shareholders.

(iv) March 29, 2022: payment by GNDI to GNDI shareholders of the amount corresponding to the Extraordinary Dividends declared by GNDI.


(v) March 29, 2022: payment by HapvidaCo (or its successor) to GNDI shareholders of the final amount corresponding to the Caixa Parcel.

extraordinary dividends

The day before, the Board of Directors of the Notre Dame Intermédica Group fixed the extraordinary dividend to be distributed to shareholders, as approved at the Company’s extraordinary general meeting held on March 29, 2021, in the total amount of BRL 1 billion. It corresponds to approximately R$1.613026961 per share issued by the company.

The company informed that the payment is conditioned to the consummation of the business combination with Hapvida and will be made by March 29, 2022, based on the company’s shareholding composition at the market close on February 11.

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) approved the merger between Hapvida and NotreDame definitively in early January this year.

The merger between Hapvida and Intermédica will result in the creation of one of the largest companies providing vertical healthcare solutions in the world.

“The business combination between them is based on strategic foundations such as the possibility of (i) integrating the wide range of hospital products and structures; (ii) reduction of operating costs; and (iii) taking advantage of potential synergies arising from the geographic complementarity of the two companies’ operations”, highlights in a report by Levante Ideias de Investimentos.

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