‘I’m trans and my partner is a straight man’

Daniella and Josh lying on the grass and smiling for the photo

Credit, Daniella McDonald

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Daniella and Josh have been together for over two years

Daniella McDonald is a trans woman who is attracted to men. The Californian and medical student says dating straight guys was a “freak show” at first, but for the past two and a half years, she’s been in a steady relationship.

In an interview with BBC gender and identity reporter Megha Mohan, Daniella McDonald tells her story and says she believes straight men may be slowly becoming more receptive to the idea of ​​dating trans women. Check out his story below.

Josh and my dad were fishing side-by-side on a lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California (United States). It was part of a family program, in which we went camping in the Mammoth Lakes, a fascinating region for its great mountains, clear water lakes, winding trails and the unpolluted sky.

Until Josh turned to me and smiled. In that moment, I felt not just that relief in realizing that her boyfriend effortlessly fits into the family. As I looked at the two men in my life side by side, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.

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