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Bárbara Heck had trouble sleeping at BBB 22. In the early hours of Friday (21), the model left the room, complained of nausea and left Pedro Scooby excited about the possibility of a pregnancy. “It would be beautiful,” he celebrated.

“I’m feeling sick, sick”, said the blonde, finding some participants in the garden. “Could you be pregnant? Is there such a possibility?”, asked the surfer, excited.

The gaúcha, however, soon frustrated the excitement of Luana Piovani’s ex-husband. Despite having a boyfriend outside, Barbara assured that there was no possibility of being pregnant.

“It would be beautiful if you found it here,” he lamented. “Was it something you ate that made you sick?”, asked Cíntia Dicker’s companion. “It must have been your face”, joked the blonde.

Faced with the discomfort of the confinement colleague, the awake participants decided to make a circle to “watch” Barbara in the garden. They laid her down on one of the beanbags and began to spin her around.

“What is this?”, asked Rodrigo Mussi as he left the house. “We are watching over our pregnant woman”, joked Slovenia Marques. “Is she pregnant?”, astonished the commercial manager. “I’m guessing,” joked Scooby. “And whoever has labyrinthitis is screwed”, he added, about running around Bárbara.

“I don’t think we’re helping her,” said Miss Pernambuco, while the model laughed while lying down.

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