Maria reveals how she became Verena

The actress Maria played the role of Verena in the soap opera Amor de Mãe and this, in addition to being her first participation as an actress, was a landmark in her career. At presentation which took place on Thursday (20) at the BBB 22, she shared a little bit about her life and the process of getting the role.

Shy, the singer and actress reveals that she has difficulties in letting go, in the social aspect, different from how she acts in her artistic presentations and even at a young age, she has already gone through a lot of ordeal, different from what people think the life of an artist is. .


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I have difficulties, not expressing myself, but I am shy and introspective. (…) I’ve been through depression, I’ve almost become an alcoholic, I’ve had a toxic relationship and I’ve almost been beaten by a man… I took three or four tests and the last one was very sensitive and he [diretor] a text passed and he said: ‘say something that moves us’. I’ll talk about last week. I was already known for acoustic poetry and at that time I still counted coins to get a haircut”, counts, with teary eyes.

On the day of the soap opera test, Maria told his mother that he would get 20 reais, jump the turnstile on the bus and on the way back, pay and get a haircut, but it was forbidden because that money was to be spent on food: “At eighteen I didn’t have the right to cut my hair because I had a bill to pay (…), and that made me a little angry, and that’s when I got the role in the 9 o’clock soap opera. six people crying their ass off*”.

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