New vaccine can fight Omicron and change the game in the pandemic

Last Wednesday (19), the French biotechnology company Valneva presented the results of its new vaccine candidate against covid-19 (VLA2001), which shows to be effective against the Ômicron variant. It is the first inactivated whole-virus vaccine to be tested in Europe.

To verify if the immunizer can actually neutralize the new strain of the coronavirus, the group of scientists analyzed samples from 30 participants. The method was also applied to verify the effectiveness of the immunizer in containing the Delta variant.

According to this study, all samples tested showed vaccine efficacy in neutralizing the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 and the Delta variant. In turn, the survey found that 87% of the samples had neutralizing antibodies against Ômicron.

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New French vaccine may be effective against Ômicron (Image: Garakta-Studio/envato)

What makes the vaccine different from others?

As it is based on the entire inactivated virus, the estimate is that VLA2001 presents to the immune system all the structural components of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not just the spike protein, as many other vaccines against covid-19 do. Because of this, experts expect Valneva’s vaccine to produce a broader protective immune response.

“We are extremely pleased with these results, which confirm the broad spectrum protection potential of our inactivated whole virus vaccine and its ability to address ‘variants of concern’ [VOCs, na sigla original] currently in circulation. These results add to previous findings from our study, in which two doses of VLA2001 were shown to induce superior levels of neutralizing antibodies,” said Juan Carlos Jaramillo, medical director at Valneva, in a statement.

Source: Valneva

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