Neymar invests more than US$ 1.1 million in two NFTs

Away from the pitch for almost two months because of an injury to his left ankle, Brazilian soccer star Neymar continues to be talked about off the field. The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) forward drew attention this Thursday (20) by announcing the purchase of two non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection for more than US$ 1.1 million. , around R$ 6 million.

The player used the image of one of the NFts as a new profile picture on his official Twitter account. The drawing is of a monkey wearing a party hat, neon glasses, an earring, chewing gum and wearing a shirt that mimics a tuxedo. “I am a monkey”, says the text published on the social network by Neymar.


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The player paid 159.99 ETH (Ethereum) on NFT BAYC #6633, equivalent to US$ 517 thousand, or R$ 2.8 million, at this Friday’s exchange rate (21), with the dollar traded at R$ 5 ,42. NFT BAYC #5269 was acquired for 189.69 ETH, around US$613,000, or R$3.3 million, according to the OpenSea platform.

In addition to the NFT, Neymar also bought a personalized address for his wallet. He used the Ethereum Name Service, which allows him to change addresses. These are usually combinations of letters and numbers. Now, the attacker has a custom term, “EneJay”, the pronunciation of the letters N and J, his initials, in English.

Neymar - PSG
Neymar also bought a personalized address for his wallet. Image: PSG/Disclosure

Neymar also transferred 474.33 ETH to the wallet, more than US$ 1.5 million, equivalent to R$ 8.26 million. Even after spending heavily on the two famous NFTs, the nearly 30-year-old player still has 124.65 ETH in his pocket.

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