Real estate funds rise again and end the week with gains of 0.98%

The IFIX – index that gathers the most traded real estate funds on the Stock Exchange – closed the session this Friday (21) up 0.20%, at 2,810 points. In the week, the indicator accumulated gains of 0.98%. Yesterday the index fell 0.09%, breaking a seven-day streak of bullishness.

Today the deadline for the shareholder of Pátria Edifícios (PATC11) to decide whether or not to join the Public Offer for the Acquisition of Shares (OPAC) of the fund has ended. The auction for the purchase of the papers is scheduled for Monday (24).

On January 5, in a relevant fact, FII Pátria Edifícios confirmed that B3 had approved the OPAC, at the request of Capitânia Investimentos, which holds 44.52% of the fund’s shares.

According to the public notice, Capitânia intends to acquire the remaining shares of the FII, through an auction, at a unit price of R$ 65.00. The Capitânia signals that it will ask for the liquidation of the FII Pátria Edifícios after the OPAC.

In a statement to the market last week, Pátria Investimentos, manager of FII Pátria Edifícios, expressed its opposition to the offer, denied participating in the procedure and guaranteed that the shareholder is not obliged to sell his shares.

Pátria claims that the price stipulated for the auction was below the book value, which was R$ 86.51 on December 31, 2021. The difference, in Pátria’s calculations, represents a discount of 25%.

In the opinion of Thiago Otuki, economist at Clube FII, Capitânia saw an opportunity to buy the shares at a discount and then sell the fund’s properties close to book value, pocketing a considerable difference.

“If the shareholder wants to participate in this gain together with the Capitânia, he must remember that there is no deadline for the sale of properties to occur”, warns Otuki. “The investor’s resource can be stuck, without liquidity, for a good period”, recalls the economist when talking about the consequences of those who intend to keep their quotas and try to profit from the eventual liquidation of FII Pátria Edifícios.


Biggest highs this Friday (21):

tickerNameSectorVariation (%)
VIFI11Vinci Financial InstrumentsTitles and Val. Mob.3.34
URPR11Urca Prime IncomeOthers2.13
VILG11Vinci LogisticsLogistics1.94
XPSF11XP SelectionOthers1.69
FIIB11Brazil’s IndustrialHybrid1.65

Biggest casualties of this Friday (21):

tickerNameSectorVariation (%)
XPPR11XP PropertiesOthers-3.99
BLMG11Bluemacaw LogisticsLogistics-2.78
BRCO11BRSCO LogisticsLogistics-1.62
PATL11Homeland LogisticsHybrid-1.33
KISU11KILIMATitles and Val. Mob.-1.19

Source: B3

Alianza Urban finalizes the purchase of a property in Guarulhos

Fundo Alianza Urban Hub Renda announced to the market, this Thursday (20), the conclusion of the purchase of a property in the city of Guarulhos (SP).

The transaction began at the end of last month and was subject to the procedures provided for in operations of this type.

The fund confirmed the payment of R$ 79 million for the space of 21 thousand square meters of gross leasable area (GLA).


As Alianza Urban Hub Renda is not listed on the stock exchange, the manager did not disclose the impact of the acquisition on the fund’s dividend distribution.

today’s dividends

Check out the real estate funds that distribute income this Friday (21):

TSNC11transsync BRL 37.56
ARCT11Riza Arctium BRL 1.70
BARI11Barigui Real Estate Income I BRL 1.35
RZAK11Riza Akin BRL 1.32
AFHI11AF Invest CRI BRL 1.30
GOLD 11Ourinvest Structured Income BRL 1.16
BLMC11Bluemacaw Real Estate Credit BRL 1.12
GAME11Guardian Real Estate Multistrategy I BRL 1.08
CORM11Core Metropolis BRL 1.06
AFOF11Alliance FoF BRL 0.84
ARCT13Riza Arctium BRL 0.69
OUFF11Ourinvest Fund Of Funds BRL 0.67
HBCR15HBC Urban Income BRL 0.55
HBCR14HBC Urban Income BRL 0.55
JSRE11JS Real Estate Multimanagement BRL 0.53
OULG11Ourinvest Logística BRL 0.50
ARCT14Riza Arctium BRL 0.45
ARCT15Riza Arctium BRL 0.21

Source: InfoMoney

Real estate turnover: 5,500 mall stores close due to absence of employees infected by Covid and Influenza

At least 5,500 stores in malls in the country were closed recently due to lack of employees contaminated by Covid-19 or Influenza.

The data are for the week from the 14th to the 20th of this month and were compiled by Abrasce (Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers).

The sector represented by Abrasce comprises about 111 thousand stores – 95% of them “are working normally and did not need to reduce the opening hours of the establishments”, said the association, in a note.

Abrasce also says that the period of leave for workers has been reduced, based on a recent ordinance from the Ministry of Health, which “allows the resumption of activity by the employee in a shorter period”.

Shopping malls have been asked to answer whether it is not the time to reduce opening hours to the public in the face of the advance of the omicron, a variant of the coronavirus that has been responsible for accelerating contamination to daily levels above 200,000 cases in the country.


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