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Regulatory agencies published this Friday (21) a report that points out that available vaccines protect less against the micron compared to the previous variants, but which still offer “considerable protection against hospitalization and severe Covid”, especially after a booster shot.

Among the agencies signing the report are the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The document is the result of a meeting that took place on January 12 between members of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) — the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) is part of the Executive Committee.

“In reviewing possible approaches to vaccination against the micron and other variants of the virus, the meeting participants agreed that the application of multiple booster doses at short intervals is not sustainable in the long term,” the text points out.

“It is necessary to develop a strategy on the types of vaccines needed to manage Covid-19 in the future”, adds the document, which warns of the need for a discussion on how to maintain vaccination against Covid-19 in the coming years.

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In addition, the British magazine “Nature” also published a study this Thursday (20) that demonstrates the importance of a booster dose of Pfizer after two doses of CoronaVac or the American pharmaceutical company’s own vaccine.

The authors concluded that two doses of Pfizer or CoronaVac offer little immunity with neutralizing antibodies against the micron, even one month after the full dose of the regimen. With an extra dose of Pfizer, according to the research, the protection becomes more than 50%.

Released in December 2021, a study by the UK Health Safety Agency showed that using the Pfizer vaccine as a booster shot provided 70% to 75% protection against the new omicron variant.

“These initial estimates should be treated with caution, but they indicate that a few months after the second dose of vaccine, there is an increased risk of contracting the omicron variant compared to the delta lineage,” said Mary Ramsay, the Agency’s head of immunization.

“The data suggest that this risk is considerably reduced after a booster shot, so I urge everyone to get their booster when they are eligible,” he added.

Another study, released in late December, showed that AstraZeneca’s three-dose regimen of the Covid-19 vaccine is also effective against the micron. The study showed that after boost the neutralization levels were similar to those recorded against the delta variant after two doses.

Ômicron accounts for almost all positive results from Covid in Brazil

Ômicron accounts for almost all positive results from Covid in Brazil

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