Sylvinho analyzes Diego Costa and comments on the chance of Corinthians playing without a leading striker

Striker Diego Costa has a proposal in hand to defend Corinthians in 2022. Timão’s interest for the season was on the agenda of coach Sylvinho’s press conference this Friday morning.

In an interview given at CT Joaquim Grava, the coach of Corinthians analyzed the profile of Diego Costa at the same time that he sought to value the names already present in the alvinegro cast. The club, it is worth remembering, awaits the player’s definition of his future.

“It’s very difficult to talk about an athlete who is not with us. He is a winner, extraordinary, used to playing at a very high level. The board is looking for a striker, and it’s not just us, the whole of Brazil is looking (a centre-forward)”, said Sylvinho.

“I prefer to privilege the group, the material we have. There has been a lot of talk about 9, but let’s deconstruct some situations. Area striker, we have Jô. If we don’t have him, we have others who can perform the function, with other characteristics. The others lend speed but not retention, dynamics but not depth. Jô gives us something, other athletes will give something else. We have other attackers too, but each one in their role“, added the coach.

Today, Corinthians has only one player as a reference in the attack: striker Jô. With that, Sylvinho has tested Gustavo Mantuan in the position – the player, even, should start among the 11 holders in Paulistão’s debut. Thus, the coach did not rule out the possibility of playing without a number 9.

I think (of playing without a 9). The characteristic that the athlete has, other than Jô, is mobility and movement. We can’t ask a heavy athlete to give depth. Let’s ask on top of the athlete’s characteristic“, he explained.

“Forget the 4-1-4-1. Let’s demystify it. It’s a lie that I only play in 4-1-4-1. There are other schemes on another team of mine. We are open, flexible. The athlete is on top of the tactical scheme, so it can happen. We need to study them to put the best on the field“, concluded Sylvinho.

Corinthians debuts in the Campeonato Paulista next Tuesday. Timão welcomes Ferroviária at 9pm at Neo Química Arena.

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