WhatsApp: Learn how to clean yours and avoid crashes

Often, users of Whatsapp complain that the app is crashing. However, the most common reason can be the accumulation of conversations and shared files.

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In this case, the platform itself provides options to speed up cleaning of both the application and the device. The possibility helps to free up space on both storage media.

See the steps to clean it through the app below:

On Android:

  1. Like Whatsapp open, tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner and select Settings;
  2. Go to the Storage and Data option;
  3. Then choose “Manage Storage”;
  4. Tap “Frequently forwarded” or “Larger than 5 MB” or select a specific conversation.
  5. Select the media you want to erase and tap Erase.

On iPhone:

  1. Also with the messenger open, tap on Settings;
  2. Then choose the “Storage and data” option;
  3. Go to the Manage Storage menu”;
  4. Tap “Frequently forwarded” or “Larger than 5 MB” or select a specific conversation;
  5. Select the media you want to erase and tap Erase.

To help unlock the app, you can also clear old chats. Just select a chat you want to delete, go to the contact’s profile (at the top of the screen) and scroll down until you find the “Clear Chat” option. By selecting the option, all text messages, videos and photos from that conversation will be deleted from the platform and cell phone.

How to make video and voice calls via WhatsApp on computer?

Just like on mobile, just tap on the video or voice call icon on the Whatsapp browser to initiate contact. The camera icon opens a screen for video calling using the computer’s camera, while the phone icon opens a screen for voice calling using the computer’s microphone.

Is WhatsApp Web secure?

According to the company, the WhatsApp Web it is as safe as the mobile version. That’s because, the end-to-end encryption mechanism is also enabled. According to the representative:

“With end-to-end encryption protection, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents and calls are safe and won’t fall into the wrong hands.” “Not even the Whatsapp can read or listen to them”.

See what success is on the Internet:

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