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The super test of the leader and the angel of BBB 22 took place this Friday afternoon (21), with mixed popcorn and cabins. Participants formed pairs, one member from each group, to assemble a giant puzzle. The activity started around 2:30 pm (Brasilia time), ended at 4 pm and the winners were Rodrigo Mussi and Douglas Silva.

The jigsaw puzzle had 30 pieces and formed a lane in the proving ground; all the pieces had to be used and fit very well, leaving no overlap. At the end of the road, the team should press a button to reset the timer. The shortest time would win.

At the end of the dynamic, Tadeu Schmidt gathered the participants to reveal the result. Tiago Abravanel and Eslovênia Marque, and Paulo André and Vinícius Fernandes were eliminated for leaving pieces of the puzzle loose. Naiara Azevedo and Laís Caldas exceeded the time limit of 500 seconds and did not finish the activity.

The division of the groups between Xepa and Vip will be for the live edition of the program, as well as the decision of who of the duo will be in charge of the leader, and which will win the angel necklace. According to initial conversations, Mussi should be the big shot of the week and Douglas the angel.

The order of which pair would make the circuit first was drawn by themselves. See the time of those who took the test, in the order in which the activity took place:

  1. Arthur Aguiar and Luciano Estevam – 191 seconds
  2. Tiago Abravanel and Slovenia Marques – 216 seconds (punished)
  3. Pedro Scooby and Natalia Deodato – 314 seconds
  4. Linn da Quebrada and Jessilane Alves – 263 seconds
  5. Naiara Azevedo and Laís Caldas – 500 seconds (did not complete)
  6. Douglas Silva and Rodrigo Mussi – 172 seconds – winners
  7. Jade Picon and Eliezer Netto – 434 seconds
  8. Maria and Lucas Bissoli – 174 seconds
  9. Brunna Gonçalves and Bárbara Heck – 212 seconds
  10. Paulo André and Vinicius Fernandes – 135 seconds (punished)

Check out some excerpts from the test below:

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