75-year-old Frenchman who rowed across the Atlantic asks for help and no longer makes contact

posted on 1/22/2022 1:44 PM

  (credit: Philippe Lopez / AFP)

(credit: Philippe Lopez / AFP)

Bordeaux, France – A septuagenarian Frenchman who had been rowing across the Atlantic since January 1 activated his distress flares on Friday (21/1) and “has not made contact” since then, his team said on Saturday (22).

Jean Jacques Savin, who turned 75 on January 14 aboard his eight meter long and 1.70 m wide canoe Audaz, left Sagres (southern Portugal) with the aim of becoming “senior of the Atlantic ” and “having fun with old age”.

“Unfortunately, since 12:34 pm yesterday (Friday), we have not had any contact or manifestation on your part,” his team told AFP. “Our concern is great, as you can imagine,” the team added, specifying that the adventurer activated “his two distress flares, which indicate [para eles] that he is in great difficulty.”

In a message sent to his friends and to AFP, Manon, daughter of Jean Jacques Savin, says that “they are very concerned. Everything was done immediately in coordination with the French, Portuguese and American rescue services at sea.”

According to the communication manager of the team of volunteers, Jean Jacques Savin was – at the time of the last contact – on the high seas, north of Madeira, and heading to the small island of Ponta Delgada, in the Azores archipelago, for repairs to his boat. .

After being diverted by strong winds and having considerably lengthened its planned route, the septuagenarian had serious problems, caused by failures of electric batteries and solar collectors.

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