After CoronaVac approval, Anvisa technicians receive new threats

Technicians from Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) received new threats by email shortly after the agency released the use of the CoronaVac vaccine in children from six years of age.

Two messages to which the UOL gained access claim the vaccine is an “experiment” and a “great Russian roulette”, as well as citing threats in the name of God. The intimidation was reported by the newspaper O Globo.

“With shame I express my indignation at Anvisa where the rigging and the activist became notorious, where professionalism and ethics gave way to greed and criminal attitudes that in a cruel and cowardly way are putting innocent lives in a great Russian roulette”, says an excerpt from one of the forwarded emails.

The author then tells the servants that God will “touch yours bringing pain and suffering” and warns: “remember, this curse was brought into your family yourself”.

And the price to be paid will be terrible, I don’t want to be in your skin and I pray to God in detriment of everyone who has caused pain and suffering to your neighbor, remember the neighbor can be within your family.

Another author questions whether the greed of the servants is “speaking louder than common sense and love for the country”.

“It’s a shame to see you who don’t spare even the little ones from crazy greed and mercenary interest, as a Brazilian I’m ashamed of you!! Surely you won’t use this experiment we children and grandchildren of yours”, he wrote.

Be careful everything you sow will reap, God can touch yours don’t forget, repent otherwise the price you will pay will be very high. I will be praying to God on behalf of every corrupt oppressor and you will be remembered.

threats since october

It is not the first time that agency employees have been threatened. In October of last year, when the possibility of including children in the vaccination schedule was still being discussed, five Anvisa directors were threatened with death.

When they approved the use of Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine on minors in December, more civil servants were also intimidated. The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), said on the occasion that he asked for the names of the technicians who approved the vaccine for the little ones and threatened to disclose them.

The agency even forwarded a complaint to the Federal Police about the threats its employees received. The report sought out the PF, but has not yet received a response.

The Ministry of Health announced that it has included CoronaVac in the vaccination plan for children. About six million doses are ready to be distributed to states. The capital of São Paulo started today to use CoronaVac in small ones.

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