Airbus terminates contract for 50 A321neo with Qatar Airways

THE airbus confirmed that it had terminated a contract for the sale of 50 A321neo to the Qatar Airways, said a company spokesperson to Bloomberg News.

“We confirm that we have terminated the contract for 50 A321s with Qatar Airways in accordance with our rights,” the company representative said, without explaining why.

The decision to break the deal with the Middle East airline was announced during a hearing at the UK High Court in London on Thursday, according to sources in the UK. Reuters.

Qatar Airways and Airbus are in the midst of a legal dispute regarding paint degradation problems on 21 of its A350s. The airline accuses the manufacturer of not recognizing the seriousness of the case and not taking steps to resolve it.

Due to the impasse, Qatar withdrew the aircraft from service because it believed there were risks in relation to safety, which Airbus vehemently denies.

Qatar A350: paintwork has degraded ahead of time

The order for 50 A321neo was placed by Qatar in 2017 and which was modified in 2019 to include the long-range A321neo LR variant. The models are of the ACF type, with a more flexible configuration in order to meet various types of routes.

Qatar’s first A321neo would be delivered in February 2023 and the company has made it clear that it will demand compliance with the contract.

Airbus’ best-selling aircraft in recent years, the A321neo has a long queue, making the slots occupied by Qatar on the assembly line quite attractive to other customers.

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