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Published 01/22/2022 09:10

São Paulo – Statements by two American DJs surprised Alok fans this Friday. During a complaint to the American magazine Billboard, the duo Sevenn, formed by brothers Sean and Kevin Brauer, accused the Brazilian DJ of not having received credit or payment for at least 14 hits.

In addition, the duo also claims to be the true creator of Brazilian Bass, a subgenre of house music, a branch of electronic music. The subgenre emerged from the hit Hear Me Now and was responsible for the international popularization of the DJ through a contract with Warner Music’s Spinnin’ Records label.

“Alok initially helped and we were happy to return the favor, until we started to realize he was profiting hugely from our work without offering anything substantial in return,” the DJs said in a statement to Billboard.

Despite being Americans, the brothers lived in a religious community in Rio de Janeiro for the first two decades of their lives. At age 16, Sean fled the community to go to a rave on Ilha de Guaratiba, about an hour from the capital of Rio. It was there that he fell in love with electronic music.

He then began working as a “ghost producer”, the name given to creators who produce music for other artists anonymously, for ten years. In 2015, he met Alok and formed the duo with his brother to release BYOB, a remix of System of a Down.

According to the magazine’s survey, the compensation for 12 of the 14 tracks for which the duo claims to have received nothing in return would amount to about $263,000 on Spotify alone. If other platforms and radios are considered, the value reaches 1.3 million dollars, not counting global sales.

The tracks denounced by the Sevenn brothers include some of the artist’s biggest hits, such as All I Want, Fuego and Favela. Billboard also claims that, eight weeks after the magazine asked for clarification on the case, Alok filed a lawsuit against the duo.

To Billboard, Alok’s team denied the allegations and said the duo Sevenn is trying to play the victim and litigate disputes with Alok in the press. “Alok has no intention of taking the bait,” said the email sent to the magazine.

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