At BBB22, Eliezer complains about his sister and comments: “She plays the sly”

Since the beginning of “BBB22“, team members Popcorn have said that they will not vote among themselves. However, it seems that this plan will not go ahead for long. In addition to the estrangement that has been happening among some brothers, Eliezer decided to be honest about what he thinks of Natalia and called her “sly” this Saturday (22).


(Photo: TV Globo)

Eliezer, which is in the first monster along with Naiara Azevedo, decided to talk to Slovenia about some attitudes of Natalia that has bothered you during confinement. According to the businessman, she is innocent in some situations and recalled the day when the model gave a bomb to Bárbara in Queridómetro and didn’t want to talk.

Natalia, I think Natalia… maybe I use the wrong word, but she kind of plays dumb. Like this, pretend to be innocent“, he declared. Slovenia, then, I remember a situation he had with his sister. The two had a little disagreement and since then Natalia would have changed with her.

She came to talk to me, about the bedroom thing, that she felt that I didn’t want her to go to the bedroom… we resolved it, it was wonderful. Since that day, I have continued to admire her as a strong woman, but I have begun to notice that she is a little bit like Luciano.“, declared the former miss.

Then, Eli spoke again about the issue of the bomb emoji, which Natalia came to say that it was something positive because of the Barbarian have passed the immunity test. However, the brother remembered that she didn’t do the same with lais. “Why did you only give it to Barbara? Why didn’t you give it to Laís, if yours were together? I thought it was kinda Sonsian“, he said.

You can already see that the popcorns are falling out, right? Is there bullshit coming? Not to miss anything, just stay tuned here at POPline.

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