Banco Pan and Inter are in the top 5 in complaints index in BC | Economy

C6 Bank, Banco Pan and Inter are in the top 5 in complaints index in BC
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C6 Bank, Banco Pan and Inter are in the top 5 in complaints index in BC

THE Central Bank (BC)
released on Thursday (20) a ranking with the banks and payment institutions that received the most complaints in the fourth quarter of 2021. C6 Bank
it’s the BMG
– The Pan Bank
it’s the Inter
also appear in the top 5, with high complaint rates in BC. In all, there are 15 institutions considered by the authority. The list grew in relation to previous editions, which had 10 places.

To calculate the complaints rate and assemble the ranking, the Central Bank uses the number of valid regulated complaints and divides it by the number of the institution’s customers — the result is multiplied by 1,000,000.

C6 Bank occupies the first position with an index of 106.22. In total, there were 1,444 regulated complaints, based on approximately 13.5 million customers. It is followed by BMG with an index of 67.87.

The conglomerate BTG Pactual/Banco Pan, which has more customers (approximately 17.8 million), had a lower rate, 63.08, ranking third with 1,128 well-founded regulated complaints. In fourth place, Inter has an index of 53.90, with less than a thousand regulated complaints coming from a base of more than 15 million users.

Nubank occupies the penultimate position on the list. The institution has an index of 5.26 — just 263 regulated complaints originating in the quarter, in a base of almost 50 million users.

Also according to the BC, most of the complaints registered are about irregularities related to the integrity, reliability, security, secrecy or legitimacy of operations and services related to credit cards (2,185 in total).

In 9th place, there are complaints related to transactions not recognized by the account holder, carried out by third parties (account hacking) in financial institutions (527).

Problems with Pix also appear on the list, but they are diluted in the ranking — there are 165 complaints related to initiation (27th), 131 about liquidation (31st), among others. It is worth remembering that these are data from the last quarter of 2021.

BC Complaints Index Ranking (4th quarter)

Check below the complete ranking of the financial, payment and banking institutions with the highest rate of complaints in BC:

InstitutionIndexSucceeding Regulated Claims
C6 Bank106.221,444
BTG Pactual/Banco Pan63.081,128
Credit Market21.45590
Federal Savings Bank17.662,564
Midway SA2.6328

With information: BC

C6 Bank, Banco Pan and Inter are in the top 5 in complaints index in BC

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